headshot of Leo Wolters Tejera

Leo Wolters Tejera

Leo WT is the founder and facilitator of Conversations.

A disenfranchised, post evangelical, queer, non-binary, artist and human, Leo has felt called to be a pastor from the age of five. 

Throughout the process of coming out as a lesbian, then as trans, then as non-binary, Leo has often been told, both verbally and non verbally, that they wanted to be a part of the church, but the church did not want Leo to be a part of it. 

As a by product of this exodus from evangelicalism, Leo found themself to be longing for the old idea of church and being a pastor. But that was no longer a concept that fit. 

After much critical thought, and endless hours of processing, Leo came to realize that what they were longing for was the good parts of church. 

The community. 

The transcendence of pushing on the boundaries of what you think you know. 

The gut level experiences of emotion and intellectual engagement in a group of people who are gathered for the same reasons.

This is why Conversations exists. This is what has motivated Leo for over a decade to devote time, energy, and money to stubbornly continuing to build Conversations. 

Outside of Conversations, Leo enjoys public speaking, playing music, and engaging in the act of creation. Leo is a parent, partner, and small business owner alongside Leo’s wife, the incomparable Elle WT. 

If you would like to reach out to Leo, please use the contact form on this page, or find them on social media as Leo Wolters Tejera or Leo WT.


Beth is a nerd for food, books, poetry, and the numerous studies of humans. A progressive thinker from a conservative upbringing, Beth brings compassion to every endeavor. She strives to hear stories as fractal engagements rather than linear accounts. As such, the invitation to engage in Conversations as a co-conspirator was both an exciting new door to walk through and a feeling of comfort and welcome to an extension of community and belonging.

Beth is overjoyed to bring her loves to Conversations to learn, explore, and grow together.


Mike is the host of the TSS podcast, a talk-about-anything-and-everything cast often falling back on how the topic relates to spirituality and social justice. 

A church hopper from an early age, he felt like an outcast from the “normal religion.” Through trial by fire he was reintroduced to Jesus in 2019. A house fire on Saturday April 6th 2019 took all of his worldly possessions. The next day, as he re-entered his home, he found one photo that was not burned – his wedding photo. At this moment he knew.  

From this moment on Mike has been deconstructing everything he ever knew about faith. Through deconstruction he has found friends and like-minded individuals that are on the same journey. 

He has found a home in C:onversations.  

Outside of conversations Mike is a gamer, Musician and Social Justice-loving tech nerd. 

He is the proud father of a beautiful daughter (Sofia) and husband to the one and only Dee. 

He is 100% open to all beliefs and if you need to talk, reach out on his social media: 

No conversation is too small. You have a voice, Use it!