Our Values

Spiritual curiosity

We value spirituality curiosity as a cornerstone of the Conversations community. We encourage individuals to push on the boundaries of that which they believe, so as to solidify the truths and to dispense with preconception and assumption.

Authentic community

Actively fostering genuine connection between individuals is the bedrock of conversations. We recognize that our growth as individuals is multiplied when we share the growth experience with a like-minded community. We affirm that all of humanity and history points to the truth that we are better together.


We affirm that diversity is both innate in the world and must be intentionally fostered. As we affirm that each individual experiences the world from a unique perspective, we must also intentionally design our physical and digital spaces to be equitable, accessible, and welcoming to all.

Dialogue over debate

We passionately affirm that in the process of holding space for all narratives, differences will inherently arise. As these intersections come to light, we make the brave choice to value dialogue and active listening instead of debating for the sake of obtaining superiority.